1. Inaugural Session 2. Panel Discussion:

Evolving business models in fintech
(Panelists to be announced shortly)

Topics of Discussions: Neobanking, customer-centric approaches, aggregating multiple service offerings through superapps, use of non-finance digital platforms to offer financial services, embedded banking, customer acquisition, retention, increasing customer life time value and customer retention through embedded finance, payroll cards, employee pre-paid cards, evolving trends in digital payments etc.

Fueling Indian Economic Growth: Strengthening the Economy through FinTech Lending
((Panelists to be announced shortly)

The size of Indian digital lending market is estimated between 1-1.2 trillion Indian rupees. As per a research report published in 2023, by 2030, the digital lending pie with expand to USD 515 Billion. Recent years, the landscape of Indian finance has witnessed a profound transformation, largely propelled by the emergence of innovative FinTech solutions. Among the myriad beneficiaries of this digital revolution are New to credit customers and small businesses, often referred to as the backbone of the Indian economy.

This shift towards FinTech solutions has played a pivotal role in addressing longstanding challenges faced by small businesses, including limited access to traditional banking services and cumbersome bureaucratic processes. By harnessing the power of technology, FinTech platforms have democratized access to finance, enabling small businesses to secure funding, manage cash flow, and streamline operations more efficiently than ever before.

The panelists will explore the contribution made by Indian fintech in supporting small businesses and the emerging opportunities like green financing, education finance and e-mobility finance by FinTech lenders. Panelists will also delve into the status, need and role of systemic interlinkages and steps for strengthening women owned and women small enterprises through inclusive fintech.

Guardrails in fintech
((Panelists to be announced shortly)

Impact of data protection legislation, Review of RBI’s guidelines on Business Correspondents, Branch Authorisation in this age of neobanking, requirements for continuous monitoring, data security, grievance handling, and regular audits, RBI norms on digital lending, SEBI and IRDAI regulations of fintech companies’ wealth management and insurance services, RBI’s Account Aggregator framework, prohibition of credit services by non-bank prepaid payment instruments (PPIs), IFSCA schemes and incentives for fintech startups

Disrupting technologies in wealth management
((Panelists to be announced shortly)

Latest trends in embedded investment, portfolio management service, stock broking, stock market trading, role of family office, discount brokers

Investment potential in Indian fintech startups
((Panelists to be announced shortly)

Funding gap in Indian fintech, recent trends in VC/PE funding, early-stage funding, venture debt, road to profitability, primary market listing.